Positivity in the Martial Arts-09/13/2017

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The Power of Positivity

This semi-regular post will attempt to highlight positivity in the martial arts from around the world. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to find negative stories on the internet. Positive ones, however, are harder to find. Let’s recognize and celebrate those martial artists and schools who are doing good things in their communities, as well as, making great accomplishments. If you are putting on any kind of event, workshop, or seminar, feel free to post it at http://www.martialartscalendar.com It can bring attention to your event and is free to use!

You can see the last installment here.

Columbus, Ohio, USA

A half-day self-defense seminar for people with disabilities is being offered by EZ Defense in conjunction with The Center for the Disability Empowerment. Brian Lentz will be instructing the class which, most noteworthy, is open to all ages. Also, the class will be held on September 23rd at the Franklin Park Adventure Center. What a great thing to do, teaching self-defense to those most vulnerable!


Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Realtor Tawny King coordinated with Tim Britt for their respective agencies to participate in self-defense training at Agape Tactical. Consequently, this is in response to an abduction and murder of a Realtor agent three years ago, in addition to recognizing the potential dangers that Realtors face. Many times Realtors are in a house alone with one or two other people, or in a house that they believe to be empty. As a result, there may not be anybody nearby to offer assistance in the event of an attack. Be alert, train hard, and stay safe!


Puyallup, WA, USA

Zoee Martinson is only 10 years old, but already has her sights set on the Olympics! She recently achieved victory at the Northern California Taekwondo Games in San Jose. She earned gold in both sparring and forms. Young Miss Martinson wants to compete in the Olympics. Consequently, she knows that it requires a serious level of commitment. Fortunately, her parents and family support her in her endeavors, but let her come to this decision for herself. Congratulations and best of luck in getting to the Olympics, Zoee!


Kabul, Afganistan

Women in Afganistan are challenging traditional societal norms with Wushu Kung Fu. Sima Azimi founded the club after she returned home from Iran, where she studied Wushu for three years. Azimi and her club have to fight against long held societal and religious beliefs that run contrary to what she is teaching. As a result, threats to her, her school, and her students are a reality. Stay positive and keep up the good work!


Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA

Grandmaster Steve Swift recently opened a new Wing Chun school in Minnesota. He recently relocated his family from Florida, where his original school still operates. Most notably, Grandmaster Swift is credited with bringing Wing Chun to America. In addition, he states he will teach students of all levels directly at his new location. However, this not a common occurrence for a hall-of-fame martial artist. Good luck with your new school, Grandmaster!


Aleppo, Syria

Six-year-old Noor Setout has seen more tragedy and destruction than most people have seen in their whole lives. Fortunately, Karate has been her escape from the harsh reality she lives in. Her father, Wassim, is a black belt in Karate and instructs his daughter. Furthermore, she has hopes of being a world champion someday!



If you know of any good examples of positivity in the martial arts, please post them in the comments below!

As always, embrace positivity, my brothers and sisters!

Scott Bolon

Scott Bolon

I am a Shodan in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Mark Tracy.I also hold rank in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido.I enjoy almost anything related to the martial arts, and love to have conversations about it.
Scott Bolon
Scott Bolon
About Scott Bolon 33 Articles
I am a Shodan in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Mark Tracy. I also hold rank in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido. I enjoy almost anything related to the martial arts, and love to have conversations about it.

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