Positivity in the Martial Arts-01/17/2018

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Pay the Positivity Forward

This semi-regular post will attempt to highlight positivity in the martial arts from around the world. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to find negative stories on the internet. Positive ones, however, are harder to find. Let’s recognize and celebrate those martial artists and schools who are doing good things in their communities, as well as, making great accomplishments.

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Linton, Indiana, USA

Many of us have had at least a little experience with a competition setting in our martial arts lives. Whether in sparring, open-hand, or weapons, success requires significant practice and drilling. This hard and gruelling work makes the experience of success all the sweeter. Recently, John Steelman represented his studio and was declared Grand Champion of a local competition. Congratulations sir!

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Manchester, Connecticut, USA

Many martial artists have dreams of opening their own studio to teach others full time. While there is risk associated with this, the “pay off” can be profound. Many successful studio owners state that it was the best decision they have ever made because they could quit their “day jobs.” Jin Park recently unveiled his new school to his community. Congratulations, and best of luck to you sir!

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Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Stress is something that is universal in the human experience. A vast array of things, situations, and people can cause stress. Unfortunately, too much stress can take its toll on the body and the mind. Since stress is almost unavoidable, management of stress becomes an invaluable skill set. A group of first responders has found martial arts very helpful in combating the growing weight of the stress in their professions and lives.

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Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Firsts are very exciting. Imagine being the first at anything. Neil Armstrong was a first. George Washington was also a first. The Olympic Committee recently announced the addition of Karate to the upcoming games. This was very exciting news in the martial arts world. Naturally, there will be the first U.S. Karate team. What would you do if you were offered the opportunity to compete to be on the first Karate Team? Probably what Ian Turner and his students are doing…..training, of course!

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Hong Kong, China

It is often said that the martial arts is not a destination, but rather a journey. I can say personally that there are many twists and turns along my journey that I would have never seen coming. Contributing to this site is just one of those unseen turns that I am forever grateful for. These unexpected paths along the journey can be some of the most rewarding. Wing Chun practitioner Marc Guyon has also experienced some interesting turns in his martial arts journey.

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If you know of any good examples of positivity in the martial arts, please post them in the comments below!

As always, embrace positivity, my brothers and sisters!


Scott Bolon

Scott Bolon

I am a Shodan in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Mark Tracy.I also hold rank in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido.I enjoy almost anything related to the martial arts, and love to have conversations about it.
Scott Bolon
Scott Bolon
About Scott Bolon 33 Articles
I am a Shodan in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Mark Tracy. I also hold rank in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido. I enjoy almost anything related to the martial arts, and love to have conversations about it.

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