Positivity in the Martial Arts-10/04/2017

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This semi-regular post will attempt to highlight positivity in the martial arts from around the world. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to find negative stories on the internet. Positive ones, however, are harder to find. Let’s recognize and celebrate those martial artists and schools who are doing good things in their communities, as well as, making great accomplishments. If you are putting on any kind of event, workshop, or seminar, feel free to post it at http://www.martialartscalendar.com It can bring attention to your event and is free to use!

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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Because of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, there will be more positivity in this edition!

First of all, if you are wanting to help those in need, contact your local blood bank to donate blood. Unfortunately, there is a significant need for this very thing right now.

In addition, one of the best, if indirect, actions we can all take is to spread positivity to as many people possible. Martial arts related or not, you just never know how much of an impact you might have on a person in a dark place. As martial artists, and human beings, we have the ability to bring people out of their own darkness and show them a better way forward! It worked for me.

Hayward, California, USA

Recently we published an interview here on Martial Journal with Mr. Chris Carlson! This is a peek into the life of a very dedicated martial artist who is preparing for international competition representing his country later this month. In addition, he is also balancing being a husband and pursuing his college education. Check out the interview.  I’m sure you will enjoy hearing about him and his training. Chris, all of us at Martial Journal wish the best of luck to you at the WCJJO Games!

Click here for article.

Clifton Park, New York, USA

Sal Casano has been a student of Yang-style Tai Chi for over two decades now. He has taken that knowledge and passed it to others in his community for the past eleven years at his local YMCA. While he is always welcoming new students, he still has some of his original students from his first class. He credits Tai Chi with helping him focus, but also with his time as a teacher. Keep spreading the knowledge, Mr. Casano!

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Hong Kong, China

Watch out because the style of Hung Kuen Kung Fu is going to spread beyond Hong Kong’s borders for the first time. Lam Chun-Fai is a third-generation practitioner of the art which was pioneered by his grandfather, Lam Sai-wing. While he has been teaching for sixty years now, he started training at five years of age! He has brought his knowledge and wisdom of Hung Kuen all over the world and is a guest lecturer at Harvard.

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Syracuse, New York, USA

Grandmaster Michael Giron recently brought his knowledge of Escrima from California to the east coast.  He was at the fourth annual Bahala Na –  Original Giron Escrima Apprenticeship Camp. The Filipino Martial Arts Academy owned by Chris Thompson hosted the event. Most notably, Escrima is an art that begins education with bladed weapons, not empty hands.

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Fenton, Michigan, USA

There are only two females inducted into the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame. Grandmaster of Tang Soo Do, Judy Romines is one of the two. She was recently inducted in Canada along with others from all over the world. Congratulations Grandmaster Romines!

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Dorchester, Massachusets, USA

Young Noa Taylor recently brought home some hardware while competing at the USA National Taekwondo Championships this past summer. At only 8 years old, she brought home a silver medal in forms, as well as a bronze in sparring. She began training at 4 years old but took it to a new level when she decided to compete. Her mother recounts her getting up to train for an hour every morning in preparation for the upcoming competition. What a fantastic example of dedication young Miss Taylor is!

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I am always looking for more good examples of positivity in the martial arts. If you know of any please post them in the comments below!

As always, embrace positivity, my brothers and sisters!


Scott Bolon

Scott Bolon

I am a Shodan in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Mark Tracy.I also hold rank in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido.I enjoy almost anything related to the martial arts, and love to have conversations about it.
Scott Bolon
Scott Bolon
About Scott Bolon 33 Articles
I am a Shodan in Tracy's Kenpo Karate under Grandmaster Mark Tracy. I also hold rank in Tae Kwon Do and Combat Hapkido. I enjoy almost anything related to the martial arts, and love to have conversations about it.

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